Scripts Available

Journal from the Grave

Mikos in 1503 is a cowardly boy when he enters the Janissary Turk army, a  tradition most families accept. Mikos the undead at age 30 revisits his past to try and change what happened to turn him vampiric. A love story for the ages.

Dead Man's Pass

Originally based on Rawhide, this cattle drive of immigrant drovers is challenged by one fellow haunted by a legend, and the women determined to save their lives.


A dramedy - after a surviving twin makes a family with  her dead twin's boyfriend, they move to small town Michigan, where it takes ghosts, blackmail, curses, and murder for them to learn to communicate.

Following Orders

Ever wonder why there are still mysterious surrounding Custer's death? Wonder no more. President Grant is given his full credit here, based on intense research, this historical drama adds an element that worked in both Little Big Man and Dances with Wolves.

If It Rains in Paris

Based on a true adventure, three women try to bond on a trip to Europe, but Grandma Liz gets tired, her mother Summer gets mad, and then Jeni challenges them to finding romance.

Chain of Destiny

Hired to adapt a novel, this is the story of a young man torn between love of a woman and love of humankind. The decision is made for him when his aunt doesn't tell him his girlfriend is pregnant. Robert Smith will handle sale at

Brantmeier Kia of Sheboygan

My first and likely only paid commercial gig. See what you think! Doesn't it make you want to go there and buy a Kia?

Other Fun Links

War of the Worlds

This is a radio program I did. I have a couple small roles, but it was fun. I never did one before.


I'm starting up a podcast to interview writes about their books and other fun issues. There are twenty questions (see my blog) and I'll read their book and ask them my choice of five. They won't know in advance, but they'll be free to answer in any way they want. The goal is to have fun, and get to know the author. See my introduction here.

Share the big news

New publications will be here. I've had a bleak 2018 - no acceptances so far, and not for lack of trying. Following Orders first time made the first cut in a competition, so that's getting somewhere.